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Houston, TX: 2 Day Workshop (Shooting|Editing)

February 28: (12-2pm, break, 3-6pm) 

March 1: (10-12pm, break, 1-4pm)



4407 Spring Cypress Rd, Unit F

Spring, TX


Day 1: Shooting Basics - I cover my lighting techniques, camera settings, shooting perspectives, model interaction, the philosophy around my photography, model posing, etc (some lighting equipment will be provided if needed). I will be setting up shooting stations with different models for each station so we can have more people shooting at the same time get the most out of it. After I do the set ups and explain them, I will do a quick demonstration of how I would shoot that set up. After that, the photographers are free to have a go at the models for the rest of the day and I will be available to assist the photographers during that portion of the workshop. - (approximately: 6 hrs)

Day 2: Shootout - We will start with about 2 hours of shooting with no presentation to begin with. Just a chance to go at it Shootout Style. After that we will go on to Editing...

Day 2: Editing - I cover editing through a live presentation and demonstration with a few edits I shot from the first day of the workshop. I will explain my vision and technique behind the final composition, teach different ways to use the tools I use in Photoshop and Lightroom, using different plug-ins for different effects, help you in developing your techniques while guiding you through the steps. It's basically an in-depth look at what I do and how I do it and why I do it. Basically all my personal secrets exposed in depth (approximately: 3 hrs).

After that, we will have a Q and A for about 30 mins, and then pass you on to my partner to do a presentation, along with me, on business development and social media to elevate your photography business by different aspects of marketing and networking...

Workshop Perks: 5-6 models included, hair and makeup artists, location for shoot, guiding you through full on shoots spanning from my dark/grungy, fashion (my way), boudoir (lingerie/implied nudes), social media/networking development for better exposure and recognition, tech support through email/messaging - you basically experience what I go through on a big day shoot







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Photography Shootout with HUGOV:


Omaha, NE :: FEB 7th

12pm - 6pm



4383 Nicholas St, East Parking Lot Entrance

Omaha, NE 68132 


Come out and shoot with us at the Boiler Room Studio with HUGOV mentoring.

Up-build your portfolio with some great models like Hannah Kelsey, who will be available for her amazing NUDE/GLAM Style

Other models available will be there to provide a different side of photography, a style HugoV tends to shoot more and be known for... Alternative/Tattooed Photography... Push your portfolio to different limits with an edgier style


The shooting format will be a freestyle form where everyone can get to shoot everything, have fun, mingle, network and meet other photographers and models


Bring your camera and lighting equipment, only a limited amount of equipment will be available and we want everyone to be able to shoot at any time and point 


We have 5 studios within our 10,000 sqft studio, so there is plenty of space and locations for everyone to shoot.


There is a limit of 10 spots for this event at $100 a ticket



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